Friday, November 12, 2010


Shh don't say a word, I just want to watch you... Come closer my love, put your hand in mine and let me take you places you've never been. Let me love you like only I can. Run your hand down my body, and feel the curvature of my back. Talk to me without words, but using every fiber of your being. Let your fingertips tell me how badly you long to touch me, and your lips taste me, let your eyes drink me in like dew to the morning. Hold me tight, as if your afraid I might slip away, devour me! Tell me no lies, speak nothing but unbridled passion. Tear down the walls around my heart with your bare hands, make me fall into you. I wanna scream your name without ever opening my mouth. I need for my body to be completely absorbed by yours. Forget the world outside, love me as if this is our last night. Let all your guards fall, and every comfort zone released, put all your trust in me if only for one night, lets set each others souls free.

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