Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Mused

I was at a loss for words,
but then I gazed upon your face
and the words were freed from my soul.
I've never had the fortune of meeting you,
but yet you consume my life,
like a lover consumes their partners body.
I can't say I know you,
but yet I can't say I don't.
It's a strange twist of lover and loved.
To have adoration for someone so deep you've never met
could be classified as crazy,
but to me it all makes sense,
if only in my own mind.
I seem so amused by the things you say and do,
that it fills my every moment with strange whispers of happiness.
You are my muse,
you are what moves me,
what feels my pen with ink,
and my paper with words.
As I write I hear the whisper of your raspy voice echo in my ear,
The softness of your hand caress my arm,
and the stillness of your thoughts adorn me.
I know your not really there with me,
but for fleeting moments I pretend you are.
What you've given me you may never know,
and even knowing you may never understand.
You may not ever be my lover, my friend,or even an acquaintance
but you will always and forever be my muse.