Friday, January 8, 2010


Meet Me Half Way!
It's cold out here under this bridge I call home,
But I'm faced each day to live this life alone.
I've spent my life living on the move,
Never knowing what it felt like to lay down roots.
You pass me in the streets, and shake your head,
Then gasp as you hear on the news ,
another teenager found dead.
All it would have took,
was a moment of your time.
But you walked right on by.
ignored my cry.
I'm scared and alone,
With no family , no home.
You have no idea the scars I bare,
The excuse you give,
is life's not fair.
How my heart is shred at seventeen,
If you only knew half of what I've seen.
You wouldn't shake your head and walk away,
If nothing more,
You would bend your knees and pray.
Pray for that boy who walks down the street holding a stray dog
Both begging for something to eat,
Pray for the girl with the dolly in her arms
Wishing her momma didn't fall victim to that mans charms.
Pray for the father who beat his wife,
whose kids couldn't take it and ended their life,
Pray for the mother who couldn't get enough,
Who made these poor kid's lives so damn tough.
Pray for the young woman who sells what's she's got,
Just to eat something hot.
Pray for the young man,
Who has a gun and a plan to end his misery.
When you see me standing under that bridge,
Sleeping on the park bench,
Or digging in the trash,
Take time from your busy day
And just ask,
Will you Meet me half Way?

Please follow @JimmyWayne on Twitter and do whatever you can do to help these kids. I lived on the street for a year before someone saved me and today I have my own amazing kids and I am fulfilling my dreams here in Nashville and I might not have if it wasn't for someone meeting me half way. It's only by the grace of God that I am not dead. You can be that someone in a child's life. What do you have to loose. Become a foster parent, sponsor a child, join a Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Donate your time to an organization in your community. Don't watch another news broadcast talk about our homeless and abused kids and do nothing. Everyone can do something. Spread the word, donate your time, donate your money, donate clothes. Take a homeless child a blanket, a pair of shoes, some old clothes. There's no excuse!! You can do something today!
Thanks and May God Bless you and yours