Monday, October 26, 2009


Sex it a mind game two people play,
Your mind is what embodies your sexuality and sensuality.
I want to know what makes you tick.
I wanna cry when the love we make touches my soul,
I wanna laugh when we role play,
I want to explore new things.
Teach me all you know.
I want to stand in awe of my man,
I want to learn to do the things you need me to.
I want each day to be an adventure.
I don’t just want to be mother and father,
I want you to be my lover,
my friend,
my teacher,
my student.
Look deep in my eyes when I speak.
Share all your dreams with me.
Play with me.
Be that person I just can't get enough of,
That person I share unconditionally love.
I want to get crazy with you,
Does it bother you I like women too?
I'm a mother,
A lover,
A friend,
But most importantly I'm a woman.
Can you handle it?
Can you tease me and please me?
Can you take me on the ride of my life?
What is it you want?
What is it you do?
Tell me baby,
All about you!


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