Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Lover

Hello lover………..
Tease me with your eyes,
entice me with your words.
Make me want more.
Caress my skin,
Spark a flame deep within
Come close enough to breath me in.
Hello lover….
Don't think of anything but this moment.
Let me calm the winds of your mind,
play in the rain of your body and soul.
I want to feel the twist of your hips,
And the lighting of your fingertips.
Hello lover……….
Hold me in your arms,
Drink my body in,
Feel me,
Move with me.
Hello lover………
Shh… be still,
Be only in this moment of ecstasy,
Let me fulfill your every fantasy.
Enjoy the depth of this lovers kiss.
Feel the arch of my back,
The softness in my skin,
Take all of me in.
Hello lover…..
Feel my heart beat through my succulent breast,
Feed off the salt of my flesh.
Taste the honey dripping from my lips,
And succumb to my sensuality,
Let the woman in me free.
Hello lover…..

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