Monday, May 11, 2009


In the quietness of your room,
When the lights have gone down,
the music has quit playing,
And the screams of your fans have hushed,
Where does your mind go?
What is it that keeps you up at night?
When you lay in your bed staring up at the ceiling,
You can feel your heart and it's rapid beating,
The sweat starts to pour from your head,
your thoughts are all jumbled,
And you can't decide whether to laugh or cry.
You pray that God will clear your mind,
Just for one night.
But the past keeps playing like a movie in your head,
And you wish sometimes you could edit the scenes.
But you can't,
and that’s what haunts your dreams.
You get up and look yourself in the mirror,
But the reflection is not the one you know,
It's just the one you show.
You try so hard to be strong,
Because so many people expect you to keep the show going on,
But who is the person alone in your dreams,
Why do you feel this overwhelming need,
To give an give,
But deny your own right.
What dream will haunt you tonight?
The smoke and the lights can't replace the bridges you burned,
The lessons you have yet to learn.
Each night another lover by your side,
But still there's this emptiness inside.
Another day filled with things to do,
Everything but taking care of you.
It's ok to have a broken heart,
It makes us strong,
Makes us smart.
And even if the pain is self inflicted.
You have to understand,
It doesn't make you less of a man.
Not everyone has an agenda you know,
Not everyone wants you to put on this show.
Some of us wish for the man you used to be,
The one who wasn't so busy.
You sing the songs ,
But do you ever just close your eyes and listen to the words?
One day the stage will be bare,
The lights won't come on,
And the people won't gather where you stand,
What will you do then?
When you look in the mirror and all you see is the lines left from the man you used to be,
Who will be by your side,
who will be there when your finally ready to break down and cry?
You may be surprised.
They chant your name,
And for that brief moment you have no pain,
But at night your dreams haunt you again.
It's something only you can change.
The cameras are flashing,
The screams coming from the fans,
You filled their desire tonight,
You made their dreams come true,
When you reached out and touched their hand,
In those moments you feel a since of ease,
Like you have finally been set free.
But the mic pack comes off,
And you go from a room full of people to a world all alone,
You feel it welling up inside,
But your to afraid to cry,
You thought this would make it all better,
But all you did was push it aside,
What's gonna happen when there's no where to hide?
So go ahead and get up on that stage,
Smile and flirt,
It won't cover up the hurt.
But when your ready to just be you ,
And you need a friend who will understand, and not BS you.
You can call on me.
Cause when the lights go down,
And the music quits playing,
And the sounds of your fans have died down,
It's you’re your true friends who are still around.
By Amber C Rhodes
05/11/2009 - AIM Instant Messenger

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