Saturday, January 24, 2009

Woman Again.

Feel Like a woman again
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

Working 40 hour weeks at a job with no pay,
Trying so hard just to make a way for my three kids and our home,
But I have had enough and it’s time for momma to have some fun of her own.

Starting to feel like a slave in this game,
Just wanna find a stranger, don’t gotta know his name.
I just wanna feel like a woman again.

I’m a woman strong and sweet,
I’m standing here on my own two feet.
Do you think your up to the challenge, can you please me?
You gotta woman at home, but I don’t care,
I notice she’s not here being the woman by your side,
I’m not looking to be no ones wife.
I just need a man to help me feel like a woman tonight.

Just wrap your arms around me and make it last all night.
Show me a little passion baby,
Forget everything else tonight, don’t put up a fight.
I’ve been watching you watching me,
It’s alright you ain’t gotta hide,
I know you want me as bad as I want you,
And we can make this happen baby,
Let go of the fire inside, and be my lover tonight.

Can you make me feel like a woman tonight? Are you up for the challenge,
I won’t put up a fight, I’ll make you feel like a man tonight,
Let’s pretend your not a husband and I’m not a wife,
Lets just be each others secret lover.

Don’t treat me like a glass doll, I’m not about to break.
I need some excitement I’ll take all I can take.
I wanna be in control, I wanna get what’s mine.
I spend my life giving everything I got,
now it’s mommas turn , and she’s feeling hot.
Make me feel like a woman again……

I’m so tired of this daily rat race,
Same ole’ same, just a different face,
Everyone needs you, and no one cares,
But tonight that’s gonna change,
I’m only here for one thing,
To feel like a woman again.

We can just pretend,
Cause don’t get me wrong baby,
I am not here to make love.
I just want what’s mine, no ring, no strings, no name needed,
Just wanna feel like a woman again,
Just need a stranger, don’t wanna know your name.
Make me feel like a woman again.
Give in and just be free, lets get on baby…

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