Saturday, January 24, 2009


I tried so hard to believe that the rumors weren't true,
but what was I to do,
when I found out you weren't the man I thought I knew?
How was I to react?
Maybe it's wishful thinking,
or me being naive.
I use to visit you in my dreams,
you kept the nightmares away.
Chivalry is what I thought you had,
but it turns out your just a simple man.
Nothing really special,
and that breaks my heart,
because I thought you were different right from the start.
I held on to the fact,
not all guys were the same,
because you were a man who didn't play that bullshit game.
But now I know that isn't true,
and now my poor heart is battered and bruised.

I opened myself up and let you in,
but you pushed me aside,
because I wasn't a trophy bride.
But what you don't see is that you will never find another woman like me.
You can walk down the street,
and women will flock to your feet,
but beauty is only skin deep.
The love of a woman who is true to herself,
is far beyond the love of a woman who is full of herself.
She may be fetching to the eye,
and she may be wanted by all the guys,
but she will never be true,
and never love you as I do.
I have tried to be patient,
and wait for you to see that Our love is what will set you free.
Your not worth the salt in my tears,
or the ache of my heart.

Amber Rhodes 12/08

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