Saturday, January 24, 2009



How is that I can love you the way I do, when I hardly even know you.
I have watch you from afar, wanting , yearning for the chance to hold you .
Questioning my every move, wondering if you saw the true feelings I had for you.
I asked myself many times why I allowed my heart to care, you didn’t even know I was there.
How could I be such a fool , and be so damn drawn to you.
Many times I had been hurt in the past, my times I prayed for a love to last,
But never did I dream I would fall for a man who didn’t even know me at all.
Is this the ultimate punishment I am inflicting on myself. To have my heart ache for someone I will never have.
How could this be, how could I fall so hard for a man who has no desire for me?
What am I to do, should I keep on loving you, or should I push my feelings to the side, and run and hide?
Should I tell you how I feel, should I let you know that I am real. The women you have searched for your whole life long is ready to love you and give you everything you need, should I say this , or keep it hidden out of fear you’ll reject me?
To see you in the room and feel my body crave you, it’s unbearable at times because I just wanna tell you.
I wanna scoop you up in my arms and never let you go. I wanna take all your pain away, and give you that woman you could love tell your dieing day. I wanna hold you on those dark nights when you don’t know just what to do, I wanna give all my love to you.
I see you struggle with the emotions you have, but I can’t reach out for you,. And it kills me inside to know I can fix your pain. So my mind and my heart keep playing games.
He feelings I have for you , no one could deny their true, but I can’t tell you.
It would crush me deep inside if I told you I loved you and you brushed me aside. So I am ok with loving you from afar, hoping and praying someday you’ll look my way and see the woman before you and realize I’m the one he made for you.

Amber Rhodes
Nash. Tn

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