Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Love by the sea

Be my Pirate
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

I heard the water crashing as the tide rolled in,
can you hear it?
Can you smell the salt in the air?
Close your eyes baby.
Picture us there.
Our toes in the sand,
nothing on but a tan.
Feel the warmth of the wind kiss our skin.
Not a soul as far as the eye can see.
Finally alone, just you and me.
The suns going down over the ocean so blue,
You swear you see God starring back at you.
As the moon hangs over,
and the stars all a blaze.
You hear the water calling your name.
A midnight swim makes it all seem so right,
How can you not,
on such a beautiful night.
Wrap your arms around me,
kiss my body slowly.
With the glow of the moon reflecting off the sea,
and feeling your body next to me,
what else could one person need.
I can feel your heart beat in rhythm with mine.
Look in my eyes,
can you feel my fire,
can you see that making love to you is my only desire?
I want you to caress my skin,
feel my body from within.
Is it the water against my naked breast,
or the touch of your lips that I love best.
You can’t tame the sea,
but just like it you can devour me.
A pirate you are,
Wild and free, but tonight baby,
Your captive to me.
Were as close as two bodies can be.
As I taste the shore on your skin,
I hear you gently in my ear,
saying more, more.
Pirate’s are strong,
and brass as they can be,
But tonight baby,
your gonna see the pirate in me.
Take control of my body,
take control of my soul,
Let everything go.
As my body presses against yours,
like the water to the rocks.
Wrap my legs around your waist,
Carry me baby,
to your far away place.
Let the curtains blow in that’s sweet summer breeze,
Lay me down and make love to me.
Feel the arch in my back,
as you go deeper and deeper.
Nothing could feel sweeter.
My fingers caress your back all covered in sweat,
As I give you a night you’ll never forget.
Hands on my thigh,
legs wrapped around your waist,
A mischievous smile upon your face.
As I kiss your neck, I hear your breath heavy in my ear.
I must be doing it right.
You can smell the scent of passion in the air.
You sway side to side,
like a hammock in the wind.
The pleasure your feeling comes out your mouth again.
Over and over multiple times I feel your body shiver,
I feel your body grind.
Roll over baby,
I want on top,
it’s my time to ride.
Hands on my hips,
The sound of the ocean is my guide,
As I twist, sway and grind.
My body starts to shake,
and the rain starts to fall,
There’s a storm coming,
We have no control of it at all.
As the lighting crashes and the thunder rolls,
Our bodies collide like the clouds up in the sky.
Your fingers sink deep in the flesh of my thick thighs.
Outside we hear the boat hit the dock.
The seas are raging, and the wind howls so loud.
The sounds of are pleasure just can’t be contained.
A twist of your hips and I’m flat on my back.
Take me in like the sand drinks the water.
I feel the friction between my legs getting hotter.
Your lips to my breast,
and your hand clenching my thigh,
Oh my God!!!
I scream out in delight,
one, two ,three
Oh my God they kept coming all night..
You kiss me so hard as if to state your not done with me yet,
You still wanna play.
My Pirate so sexy and sweet,
you like your Rum, huh,
Slide down and get a taste of me.
Hands on your head,
My thighs soaking so wet,
No, no baby, don’t quit just yet.
Biting my lips ,
to stifle the screams,
Body starts to tremble,
back starts to arch,
I can’t hold it in any longer,
I scream out your name.
Let me kiss you baby,
and taste myself on your lips..
The storms getting stronger,
you can hear the wind whipping through the trees.
I suddenly feel you burst inside of me.
Your voice gets low,
and your breathing so fast,
Oh dear God how much longer can we last.
I feel you throbbing inside of me.
As you nestled your head in my breast,
And try to get a hold of your breath,
I hear you laugh out loud,
The suns coming up.
We've gone all night long.
As the clouds rumble and the lighting strikes,
our 2 bodies lay side by side.
Trying to catch our breath,
unable to talk,
We look in each others eyes,
and it’s as if a thousand words were spoken.
So we close our eyes,
fall asleep in each others arms,
while we listen to the ocean.


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