Saturday, January 24, 2009


By Amber Rhodes
Nash. Tn.

Time after time I gave you my heart
Only to have you tear it apart.
And you wonder why I’m ready to walk,
Because baby I am tired of hearing you talk.
Your words are empty and your promises are all lies,
I am sick and tired of all the many try’s.
Each time it’s the same ole thing, your sorry and it won’t happen again.

That’s why I’m leaving you tonight
I’m done baby
I’m giving up this fight
You’ve hurt me for the very last time,
It’s time for me to say good bye

I never thought it would come to this,
But I can’t fight it anymore,
There’s to much pain here to ignore
You have given me no choice,
And it’s killing me inside,
But I know what I have to do

I have to Say Goodbye….

That’s why I am leaving you tonight
I’m so done,
I’m so done with this fight
I’m hurting , and I can’t do this anymore
So it’s time baby, time for me to hit the door.
It’s time to say goodbye…..

Goodbye to the tears and Goodbye to all my fears
Goodbye to the lonely nights,
And Goodbye to the please lets try.
I am on my way to a better place,
No more pain baby
Just happier days.

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