Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can you love her? Do you dare?

I ask you this question dear sir,
do you know what it means to love her?
Do you know what it takes,
to make a love hold on tight?
Do you know what it is that gets love through the night?
Do you know what you see when you look in her eyes?
Do you see the passion raging inside her?
Do you dare let it go?
Do you know how to love a woman so true?
Do you know how she hungers for you?
How she lingers on every word that you speak.
She stores your I loves you in a far away place,
just in case she made need them one day.
But she has given every drop she has,
and her energy is wearing thin,
but you don't see this, because you think she'll never give in.
You don't see her taking the steps backwards, and pulling away,
because you always thought she would do nothing but stay.
She bore your child, and carried on your legacy,
but you hurt her to many times,
her pain is no longer something she can hide.
She has given you the best years of her life,
she has done everything to make you a good wife,
but you grew cold, and unable to see,
how many times you left her lonely.
She would wait by the door and welcome you in,
but you smelled of another woman.
She wouldn't let you see her cry,
she wouldn't let you know how badly she wanted to die,
all she wanted was for you to see your blushing bride.
Do you know how to love a woman?
When she lays down to love you,
what do you do?
Do you understand the depth or her sexuality,
and what it means when she gives into you?
Do you nuzzle her breast,
and caress her thighs?
Do you take her to that place where she can escape?
Or are you selfish and rude,
do you only care about you?
She gave you the things your heart did desire,
and all she got was burned by the fire.
She sat back and watched as you succeeded in life,
you thanked everyone except your wife.
You want to be happy,
I can see it in your eyes,
but then again your eyes are known to lie.
You can change this all you know,
all you have to do is lay down your pride.
She is a good woman,
she'll stand by your side.
She will clean up your wounds,
and cover your scares,
A real man knows when he is wrong,
and bows down to her feet,
not to worship her,
but to give into his defeat.
To humble himself,
and ask forgiveness of his weaknesses.
He didn't see how he was hurting her so.
He didn't know how to deal with the fame,
or how to say no,
when the girls played their games.
He was weak and he doesn't know why.
He thought he would feel better bedding down all those girls,
but the truth is it cost him his world.
He begged her forgiveness,
and he cried at her feet,
he pleaded that she wouldn't leave.

Do you know how to love a woman?
Amber Rhodes 12/08

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