Monday, October 26, 2009


I saw you last night in my dreams,
I reached out to hold you,
But you were just beyond my grasp.
My body ached for you,
My heart beat for you,
And my lips longed to kiss you.
I tried with all my might to pull you near me,
But I just couldn't get close enough.
I was afraid to love you,
But my body wanted to feel you.
I prayed you would turn around and notice me,
You would see the hunger in my eyes,
And come to me.
I waited, and waited, just standing there aching for you.
You turned around,
Suddenly as your eyes met mine,
I felt a burning inside I had never felt before.
It was like you set my soul on fire.
As you stared deep into my eyes,
I felt my breath escape me.
As I struggled to breath,
I saw you start to walk towards me.
My hands shook,
And my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest.
The closer you got to me,
The hotter I felt.
I looked around me,
Surly it was someone else you were coming towards.
But there was no one else there.
This couldn't be happening,
there is no way your coming for me.
The control of your swagger,
The look in your eyes,
I was lost.
You were still across the room,
But it was like you completely devoured me without even touching me.
Slowly you crept up on me,
I could feel the heat of your body radiating off of you and onto me,
As you stood there in front of me not saying a word just staring in my eyes.
I looked down,
You reached your hand up and caresses the side of my face,
As I looked into your eyes my knees got weak.
Everyone else in the room disappeared.
It was just you and me.
You reached your other hand up brushed my hair out of my face,
With both hands on either side of my face you pulled me to you and kissed me.
My feet came off the floor,
I wrapped my arms around your neck and just enjoyed the moment.
You tasted so sweet,
I didn't want the kiss to end.
But as you pulled your lips from mine,
Looked once more in my eyes,
You walked away,
I stood there dazed, Knowing I had never been kissed like that before and never would again.

Hello Lover

Hello lover………..
Tease me with your eyes,
entice me with your words.
Make me want more.
Caress my skin,
Spark a flame deep within
Come close enough to breath me in.
Hello lover….
Don't think of anything but this moment.
Let me calm the winds of your mind,
play in the rain of your body and soul.
I want to feel the twist of your hips,
And the lighting of your fingertips.
Hello lover……….
Hold me in your arms,
Drink my body in,
Feel me,
Move with me.
Hello lover………
Shh… be still,
Be only in this moment of ecstasy,
Let me fulfill your every fantasy.
Enjoy the depth of this lovers kiss.
Feel the arch of my back,
The softness in my skin,
Take all of me in.
Hello lover…..
Feel my heart beat through my succulent breast,
Feed off the salt of my flesh.
Taste the honey dripping from my lips,
And succumb to my sensuality,
Let the woman in me free.
Hello lover…..


Sex it a mind game two people play,
Your mind is what embodies your sexuality and sensuality.
I want to know what makes you tick.
I wanna cry when the love we make touches my soul,
I wanna laugh when we role play,
I want to explore new things.
Teach me all you know.
I want to stand in awe of my man,
I want to learn to do the things you need me to.
I want each day to be an adventure.
I don’t just want to be mother and father,
I want you to be my lover,
my friend,
my teacher,
my student.
Look deep in my eyes when I speak.
Share all your dreams with me.
Play with me.
Be that person I just can't get enough of,
That person I share unconditionally love.
I want to get crazy with you,
Does it bother you I like women too?
I'm a mother,
A lover,
A friend,
But most importantly I'm a woman.
Can you handle it?
Can you tease me and please me?
Can you take me on the ride of my life?
What is it you want?
What is it you do?
Tell me baby,
All about you!



You made love to me last night and didn't even touch my body. Your words are like food for my soul. The sound of your voice captivated me. I was lost in a trance somewhere between reality and fantasy. I hung on every word you said. I watched as your lips moved. The way you licked your lips between sentences made me shiver. The way you spoke with such conviction made me want to hear more. I have studied you, I have watch the way your body moves. I have memorized your motions and replay them in my head over and over again to the point that each time my eyes close all I see is you. I have adored you with such unbridled passion that it scares my senses, but awakens my soul. You move me, you make me want to be a better person inside and out. You bring out all the characters of my being and leave me feeling vulnerable, yet strong. You make every ounce of who I am hunger for you. I want to share all my dreams and desires with you. I want to tour the inner most secrets of your heart and blur the line between reality and imagination. I want to hold your heart in my hand and feel it beating. I want to set my fears aside and just be free with you. Not afraid to laugh or cry, not afraid to scream or whisper. I want to be wrapped up in the safety of your arms. I want to go to battle with you against all that try and bring us down. I want to be able to look in your eyes and know what your saying without having heard a word. When your around air escapes me. I find myself breathless, but full of life. From the top of your head to the end of your toes everything about you intrigues me. I thirst for your knowledge, cry out for your strengths, and am amazed by your weaknesses. Touch me , feel me, breath me, devour every bit of me, as I indulge in you. The heat from the passion that rages inside of me every time I am near you can only be compared to the fire in the pits of hell. How you make me feel like the devil and an angel all at once I can't comprehend. It's a shame that your beyond my reach. You don't even know me. But I am everything you need.
By ACR 7/3/03

Monday, May 11, 2009


In the quietness of your room,
When the lights have gone down,
the music has quit playing,
And the screams of your fans have hushed,
Where does your mind go?
What is it that keeps you up at night?
When you lay in your bed staring up at the ceiling,
You can feel your heart and it's rapid beating,
The sweat starts to pour from your head,
your thoughts are all jumbled,
And you can't decide whether to laugh or cry.
You pray that God will clear your mind,
Just for one night.
But the past keeps playing like a movie in your head,
And you wish sometimes you could edit the scenes.
But you can't,
and that’s what haunts your dreams.
You get up and look yourself in the mirror,
But the reflection is not the one you know,
It's just the one you show.
You try so hard to be strong,
Because so many people expect you to keep the show going on,
But who is the person alone in your dreams,
Why do you feel this overwhelming need,
To give an give,
But deny your own right.
What dream will haunt you tonight?
The smoke and the lights can't replace the bridges you burned,
The lessons you have yet to learn.
Each night another lover by your side,
But still there's this emptiness inside.
Another day filled with things to do,
Everything but taking care of you.
It's ok to have a broken heart,
It makes us strong,
Makes us smart.
And even if the pain is self inflicted.
You have to understand,
It doesn't make you less of a man.
Not everyone has an agenda you know,
Not everyone wants you to put on this show.
Some of us wish for the man you used to be,
The one who wasn't so busy.
You sing the songs ,
But do you ever just close your eyes and listen to the words?
One day the stage will be bare,
The lights won't come on,
And the people won't gather where you stand,
What will you do then?
When you look in the mirror and all you see is the lines left from the man you used to be,
Who will be by your side,
who will be there when your finally ready to break down and cry?
You may be surprised.
They chant your name,
And for that brief moment you have no pain,
But at night your dreams haunt you again.
It's something only you can change.
The cameras are flashing,
The screams coming from the fans,
You filled their desire tonight,
You made their dreams come true,
When you reached out and touched their hand,
In those moments you feel a since of ease,
Like you have finally been set free.
But the mic pack comes off,
And you go from a room full of people to a world all alone,
You feel it welling up inside,
But your to afraid to cry,
You thought this would make it all better,
But all you did was push it aside,
What's gonna happen when there's no where to hide?
So go ahead and get up on that stage,
Smile and flirt,
It won't cover up the hurt.
But when your ready to just be you ,
And you need a friend who will understand, and not BS you.
You can call on me.
Cause when the lights go down,
And the music quits playing,
And the sounds of your fans have died down,
It's you’re your true friends who are still around.
By Amber C Rhodes
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Monday, March 23, 2009

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Woman Again.

Feel Like a woman again
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

Working 40 hour weeks at a job with no pay,
Trying so hard just to make a way for my three kids and our home,
But I have had enough and it’s time for momma to have some fun of her own.

Starting to feel like a slave in this game,
Just wanna find a stranger, don’t gotta know his name.
I just wanna feel like a woman again.

I’m a woman strong and sweet,
I’m standing here on my own two feet.
Do you think your up to the challenge, can you please me?
You gotta woman at home, but I don’t care,
I notice she’s not here being the woman by your side,
I’m not looking to be no ones wife.
I just need a man to help me feel like a woman tonight.

Just wrap your arms around me and make it last all night.
Show me a little passion baby,
Forget everything else tonight, don’t put up a fight.
I’ve been watching you watching me,
It’s alright you ain’t gotta hide,
I know you want me as bad as I want you,
And we can make this happen baby,
Let go of the fire inside, and be my lover tonight.

Can you make me feel like a woman tonight? Are you up for the challenge,
I won’t put up a fight, I’ll make you feel like a man tonight,
Let’s pretend your not a husband and I’m not a wife,
Lets just be each others secret lover.

Don’t treat me like a glass doll, I’m not about to break.
I need some excitement I’ll take all I can take.
I wanna be in control, I wanna get what’s mine.
I spend my life giving everything I got,
now it’s mommas turn , and she’s feeling hot.
Make me feel like a woman again……

I’m so tired of this daily rat race,
Same ole’ same, just a different face,
Everyone needs you, and no one cares,
But tonight that’s gonna change,
I’m only here for one thing,
To feel like a woman again.

We can just pretend,
Cause don’t get me wrong baby,
I am not here to make love.
I just want what’s mine, no ring, no strings, no name needed,
Just wanna feel like a woman again,
Just need a stranger, don’t wanna know your name.
Make me feel like a woman again.
Give in and just be free, lets get on baby…


By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn
I close my eyes and dream of where you are.
I know your out there dreaming under the same stars.
I pray God sends you a sign from above,
That shows you I am that someone, you should love.
Your life is crazy right now, I understand,
it’s hard being a traveling man.
you say it just isn’t the right time,
I’ll pretend it doesn’t bother me, Even though I’m lying.
So I’ll be patient,
hoping someday you’ll be only mine.

I’ll love you from a far,
Holding on to our shooting star,
I’ll blow kisses to the moon, and pray God makes you mine soon.
I’ve loved and lost before, and this is nothing new
But nothing compares to the way I feel for you.
Tonight when I crawl into bed and hold my pillow tight,
I’ll be wishing it was you here loving me all night.

I face the lonely mornings with a smile on my face,
Praying you’ll soon realize no one can love you like I do.
I tell you I won’t wait forever, but we both know that’s not true,
Cause I would give the world just to be with you.
You tell me you love me too, and we’ll talk all night on the phone,
But right now there’s nothing you can do, your just not sure if you can be true.

So I keep holding on,

loving you from a far,
Holding on to our shooting star,
I’ll blow kisses to the moon, and pray God makes you mine soon.
I’ve loved and lost before, and this is nothing new
But nothing compares to what I see when I look at you
Tonight when I crawl into bed and hold my pillow tight,
I’ll be wishing it was you here loving me tonight.

I’ll lay my head in this big empty bed,
And another day will have passed,
I keep telling myself soon, soon, but soon never comes
I am not sure how much longer I can wait.
I’ll say my prayers again tonight, and hope Gods listening,
Cause baby, my hearts breaking, and it’s you I’m missing.

I have loved you from afar,
I have wished on every star,
But you still can’t make up your mind,
And baby I am sick of your lying
Your life is to busy for me, that’s fine.
But your letting a good thing go,
Cause I can’t hold on anymore.
I have waited for you as long as I can,
Even the stars aren’t looking as bright,
So it’s time I find someone else to love me tonight.

I’ll blow one more kiss to the moon,
And I hope you’ll realize soon,
That the girl you were looking for,
Just got up and walked out your door.



How is that I can love you the way I do, when I hardly even know you.
I have watch you from afar, wanting , yearning for the chance to hold you .
Questioning my every move, wondering if you saw the true feelings I had for you.
I asked myself many times why I allowed my heart to care, you didn’t even know I was there.
How could I be such a fool , and be so damn drawn to you.
Many times I had been hurt in the past, my times I prayed for a love to last,
But never did I dream I would fall for a man who didn’t even know me at all.
Is this the ultimate punishment I am inflicting on myself. To have my heart ache for someone I will never have.
How could this be, how could I fall so hard for a man who has no desire for me?
What am I to do, should I keep on loving you, or should I push my feelings to the side, and run and hide?
Should I tell you how I feel, should I let you know that I am real. The women you have searched for your whole life long is ready to love you and give you everything you need, should I say this , or keep it hidden out of fear you’ll reject me?
To see you in the room and feel my body crave you, it’s unbearable at times because I just wanna tell you.
I wanna scoop you up in my arms and never let you go. I wanna take all your pain away, and give you that woman you could love tell your dieing day. I wanna hold you on those dark nights when you don’t know just what to do, I wanna give all my love to you.
I see you struggle with the emotions you have, but I can’t reach out for you,. And it kills me inside to know I can fix your pain. So my mind and my heart keep playing games.
He feelings I have for you , no one could deny their true, but I can’t tell you.
It would crush me deep inside if I told you I loved you and you brushed me aside. So I am ok with loving you from afar, hoping and praying someday you’ll look my way and see the woman before you and realize I’m the one he made for you.

Amber Rhodes
Nash. Tn


Questions ?
By Amber Rhodes
Nash. Tn

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?
Have you ever asked yourself, why?
Why do I love him the way I do?
Why is it I care?
Everyday I go through a list of questions,
I have come to a point that I no longer remember what it’s like to love in a way that a smile is always on my face.
Does it exist anymore, do people still fall in love and stay there?
Or is like everything I have seen?
You get so damn caught up in your everyday routine.
That you no longer see the person you married,
Just an image of a love you once knew.
It’s like two ships passing in the night,
You do your thing and I’ll do mine.
We raise our kids together ,
And we try to put on a happy face when we go some place.
But the truth is still there,
Our hearts are broken and in need of repair.
Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why?
Why am I here, what’s this place I have chosen?
Am I at the end of my road, is my future already told?
Don’t get me wrong, I love having a husband, children and a home,
But I guess I was hoping it would feel different then this.
I thought that we would be friends ,
And that our vows meant something.
But a friendship we no longer even have,
Making love has become more like a chore, a duty per say
It hurts so bad, when he takes what he needs and then rolls away from me.
What is a woman to do?
It’s not like he is hitting you?
He’s not cheating, or a drunk,
He goes to work each day, and comes home to you at night.
So why is it I still feel so alone?
Why is it even when he’s home.
We have shared a bed for many years,
But sometimes it feels like you don’t even know I am there.
This world is a cold hearted place,
I‘m not sure I am strong enough to face it on my own.
So I’ll wait until my kids are grown.
And each day I will do as I am told,
And I‘ll be there when you need a warm body to hold.
I will dance the dance ,
And play my role.
And hold on to my dreams at night ,
That one day when you look at me,
You‘ll see the woman you so badly wanted to marry.
I pray each night that God changes our hearts,
And heals our wounds,
And I pray that our love returns sometime soon.
Until then I will continue to pretend,
That I hold your heart still, and mine isn’t shattered and broken in two.
And I’ll pretend that I am still in love with you.
I try to forget those harsh words you have spoken,
And all those promises we both have broken.
When I get up tomorrow and look in the mirror,
I will try hard to see the woman I used to be.
Who loved her life and lived it to the fullest,
And dreamed of a future with the one that she loves,
I won’t shed a tear, cause that’s not really what I have here,
I ‘ll stay strong for my babies each day, And pray, pray, pray.
Maybe someday I’ll believe in love again.
One day those fairytales I read to my daughter at night, may come true,
And my prince charming with come through.
I pray dear husband that he is you.


By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

I just wanna thank you mom for all you’ve done.
I know at times you wanted to just give up and give in,
but thank God for me you never did.
You always showed me that the answers to life’s mysteries
Were found on your knees.
In this rat race we live in everyday
I know I can count on you to put me in my place.
When my heads in the clouds and my feet have left the ground
You remind me where I came from.

Oh momma, sweet momma, I love you I do,
You always gave me love when I needed you too,
And a firm hand when I was bad.
You tried so hard to be both mom and dad.
I know it wasn’t easy raising a kid like me,
And hard times seemed to be the only thing that came free,
But I want you to know,
You’re my sun when it rains and my rock when my knee’s are weak
Momma sweet momma, you’ll always be queen to me.

Now that I am grown and have babies of my own
I pray I give them half as much as you gave me.
Although I could never repay you for all the debts you paid,
I hope like hell your proud when you look my way.
I know it was hard on you, having to do it alone,
But you always pull through,
In everything you do.
I never met anyone as strong as you.

Momma, precious momma, I love you I do,
You always gave me love when I needed you too,
And a firm hand when I was bad.
You tried so hard to be both mom and dad.
I know it wasn’t easy raising a kid like me,
And hard times seemed to be the only thing that came free,
But I want you to know,
You’re my sun when it rains and my rock when my knee’s are weak
Momma sweet momma, you’ll always be queen to me.

I know you tried to give us a life that you didn’t have,
And at times money was tight,
And I would listen to you cry at night,
But momma we were richer then you knew,
Cause momma we had you.

Oh momma sweet momma, I love you so true
You’re the queen of my heart,
The sparkle in my kids eyes,
All the diamonds and pearls in this world could never compare to the love you gave us momma
I thank the good Lord he gave you to me,
Cause no one momma, no one compares to you.

You’ll always be queen to me.

Making Love by the sea

Be my Pirate
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

I heard the water crashing as the tide rolled in,
can you hear it?
Can you smell the salt in the air?
Close your eyes baby.
Picture us there.
Our toes in the sand,
nothing on but a tan.
Feel the warmth of the wind kiss our skin.
Not a soul as far as the eye can see.
Finally alone, just you and me.
The suns going down over the ocean so blue,
You swear you see God starring back at you.
As the moon hangs over,
and the stars all a blaze.
You hear the water calling your name.
A midnight swim makes it all seem so right,
How can you not,
on such a beautiful night.
Wrap your arms around me,
kiss my body slowly.
With the glow of the moon reflecting off the sea,
and feeling your body next to me,
what else could one person need.
I can feel your heart beat in rhythm with mine.
Look in my eyes,
can you feel my fire,
can you see that making love to you is my only desire?
I want you to caress my skin,
feel my body from within.
Is it the water against my naked breast,
or the touch of your lips that I love best.
You can’t tame the sea,
but just like it you can devour me.
A pirate you are,
Wild and free, but tonight baby,
Your captive to me.
Were as close as two bodies can be.
As I taste the shore on your skin,
I hear you gently in my ear,
saying more, more.
Pirate’s are strong,
and brass as they can be,
But tonight baby,
your gonna see the pirate in me.
Take control of my body,
take control of my soul,
Let everything go.
As my body presses against yours,
like the water to the rocks.
Wrap my legs around your waist,
Carry me baby,
to your far away place.
Let the curtains blow in that’s sweet summer breeze,
Lay me down and make love to me.
Feel the arch in my back,
as you go deeper and deeper.
Nothing could feel sweeter.
My fingers caress your back all covered in sweat,
As I give you a night you’ll never forget.
Hands on my thigh,
legs wrapped around your waist,
A mischievous smile upon your face.
As I kiss your neck, I hear your breath heavy in my ear.
I must be doing it right.
You can smell the scent of passion in the air.
You sway side to side,
like a hammock in the wind.
The pleasure your feeling comes out your mouth again.
Over and over multiple times I feel your body shiver,
I feel your body grind.
Roll over baby,
I want on top,
it’s my time to ride.
Hands on my hips,
The sound of the ocean is my guide,
As I twist, sway and grind.
My body starts to shake,
and the rain starts to fall,
There’s a storm coming,
We have no control of it at all.
As the lighting crashes and the thunder rolls,
Our bodies collide like the clouds up in the sky.
Your fingers sink deep in the flesh of my thick thighs.
Outside we hear the boat hit the dock.
The seas are raging, and the wind howls so loud.
The sounds of are pleasure just can’t be contained.
A twist of your hips and I’m flat on my back.
Take me in like the sand drinks the water.
I feel the friction between my legs getting hotter.
Your lips to my breast,
and your hand clenching my thigh,
Oh my God!!!
I scream out in delight,
one, two ,three
Oh my God they kept coming all night..
You kiss me so hard as if to state your not done with me yet,
You still wanna play.
My Pirate so sexy and sweet,
you like your Rum, huh,
Slide down and get a taste of me.
Hands on your head,
My thighs soaking so wet,
No, no baby, don’t quit just yet.
Biting my lips ,
to stifle the screams,
Body starts to tremble,
back starts to arch,
I can’t hold it in any longer,
I scream out your name.
Let me kiss you baby,
and taste myself on your lips..
The storms getting stronger,
you can hear the wind whipping through the trees.
I suddenly feel you burst inside of me.
Your voice gets low,
and your breathing so fast,
Oh dear God how much longer can we last.
I feel you throbbing inside of me.
As you nestled your head in my breast,
And try to get a hold of your breath,
I hear you laugh out loud,
The suns coming up.
We've gone all night long.
As the clouds rumble and the lighting strikes,
our 2 bodies lay side by side.
Trying to catch our breath,
unable to talk,
We look in each others eyes,
and it’s as if a thousand words were spoken.
So we close our eyes,
fall asleep in each others arms,
while we listen to the ocean.


Lonely Without YOu

Lonely without you
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn
I heard you were out on the town with someone new,
I told myself it was just your way of getting through,
But everyone around us knows the truth.
I guess I’m trying to find the proof,
That it’s not really over between us,
It’s just cause I am lonely without you.

Trying to find the reasons why
we so foolishly let our love die.
I’m afraid you’ve already found someone new,
And I’m so lonely without you.

I try to go out and get you off my mind,
But as the old saying goes, love is so, so blind,.
I keep thinking your gonna walk through my door,
and I won’t be lonely anymore.
My bed is so cold and my mornings so blue,
It’s hard facing the day knowing I don’t have you.

Lonely without you, Not knowing what to do,
Trying to find the reasons why ,we so foolishly let our love die.
I’m afraid you’ve already found someone new,
And I’m so lonely without you.

Nothing seems right without you,
And I know I’m what made you leave,
But baby, oh baby
I can’t do this knowing I don’t have your love to pull me through.

Lonely without you, Not knowing what to do,
Trying to find the reasons why ,we so foolishly let our love die.
I’m afraid you’ve already found someone new,
And I’m so lonely without you.

I know I did some things to hurt you,
But baby life is so lonely without you,
Won’t you please come home and we’ll talk this through,
Cause my life is worthless if I haven’t got you.

Without you, I can’t go on, without you.

Lonely, so lonely
Lonely without you.

I know it's wrong

I know it’s wrong
By Amber C. Rhodes

It’s driving me nuts, these crazy feelings I have for you.
I know it’s not the right thing to do,
But I can’t help wanting you.
I watch you from across the room,
You tease me with your eyes,
I can see it baby, you want me too,
But what’s this girl to do?

I know it’s wrong, I know I shouldn’t even entertain the thought,
but I can’t stop, my body longs for you,.
I start to sweat and my body looses all control when your around,
I know it’s wrong but what can I do?
I can’t seem to control this need for you.

Maybe it’s just lust, I really don’t know, maybe it’s more.
Maybe it’s all just for show.
At night all I do is dream of ways to get to you,
But when daylight comes I am to scared too.
Maybe it’s the challenge I can’t resist,
Maybe it’s the thought of your kiss, I’m not sure,

All I know it’s wrong, I know I shouldn’t even entertain the thought,
but I can’t stop, I am out of control.
I know it’s wrong but what can I do?
I can’t seem to control this desire for you.

It might be the safety in knowing that there could never really be a you and me,
Hurting isn’t an option cause it’s all just a game,
I know you have a wife you have to go home too, and baby that’s alright too

I know it’s wrong, I know I shouldn’t even entertain the thought,
but I can’t stop, my body craves you,.
I know it’s wrong but what can I do?
I can’t seem to control these feelings for you.

I dream about how it will feel when we touch,
I make love to you in my mind,
And pretend it doesn’t bother me that I can’t love you.
You glance at me from across the room,
It sends chills down my spine,
My body is calling out to you.
Can’t you hear it, do you want it too?

Tell me baby how you feel,
tell me you wanna make love to me,
I know it’s wrong,
But my body aches to feel you,
I loose all control when your around,
I know it’s wrong but baby what am I to do,
Just give it baby,
Let me pretend with you .
I know it’s wrong……….


By Amber Rhodes
Nash. Tn.

Time after time I gave you my heart
Only to have you tear it apart.
And you wonder why I’m ready to walk,
Because baby I am tired of hearing you talk.
Your words are empty and your promises are all lies,
I am sick and tired of all the many try’s.
Each time it’s the same ole thing, your sorry and it won’t happen again.

That’s why I’m leaving you tonight
I’m done baby
I’m giving up this fight
You’ve hurt me for the very last time,
It’s time for me to say good bye

I never thought it would come to this,
But I can’t fight it anymore,
There’s to much pain here to ignore
You have given me no choice,
And it’s killing me inside,
But I know what I have to do

I have to Say Goodbye….

That’s why I am leaving you tonight
I’m so done,
I’m so done with this fight
I’m hurting , and I can’t do this anymore
So it’s time baby, time for me to hit the door.
It’s time to say goodbye…..

Goodbye to the tears and Goodbye to all my fears
Goodbye to the lonely nights,
And Goodbye to the please lets try.
I am on my way to a better place,
No more pain baby
Just happier days.

Give In

Give in
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

You say you’re a gypsy,
And you must find your own way.
But I know you better , all you need is to stay.
You’ve got a hold on my heart, and your not letting go,
But there’s just something I have to know…..

If I wait tell your done,
Looking for what you’ve already got,
Will you love me forever babe, and never stop.
Will you stand by my side and walk with me through this life,
Or am I wasting my time, will you ever truly be mine.

Stop playing games with my mind and running round with my heart,
You know that I‘ve loved you baby, right from the start.
So why don’t you just give in, give into me.
It doesn’t make you weak, to have another person make you feel complete
Why can’t you see that I am all you’ll ever need.

You say that your sorry , you don’t mean to hurt me,
The timings all wrong, love ain’t what you need.
You have been hurt to many times to count,
and that’s not something your willing to go through again,
But baby how do you know, if you don’t give us a try.
I know that you love me, I know that you care.
So just Give in, give into me….

Stop playing games with your mind, and holding tight to your heart,
You know our loves true, you’ve known it from the start.
So why don’t you give in, give into me,
I don’t think your weak,
Just give in and love me…

I know your afraid of getting hurt like before,
I’m scared to, but I know my life isn’t right without you.
I am not making any promises I won’t screw up too,
But I am willing to try and fight for this love,
Quit pushing me away, just because your afraid and …

Stop playing games with my mind and running round with my heart,
You know that I‘ve loved you baby, right from the start.
So why don’t you just give in, give into me.
It doesn’t make you weak, to have another person make you feel complete
Why can’t you see that I am all you’ll ever need.

Give in, give into me……

Dreaming of Tennessee

Dreaming of Tennessee
By Amber C. Rhodes
Nash. Tn

I’ve been working this dead end job for going on four years now.
I’ve realized it’s time to hit the door.
There’s got be more than this 9 to 5.
To little pay for way to many hours,
There’s just got to be a better way,
Then this never ending day to day.
At night it all goes away when I start dreaming of Tennessee.

Dreaming of Tennessee and all those neon signs,
The sites and big beautiful blue skies,
I’m not looking for fortune and fame,
Just somewhere I can sing.

I don’t have anyone to call my own, no children, no home,
Those will all come in good time,
But for right now it’s just me and this open road,
Where the possibilities are endless,
And reaching for the stars is still something I can see,
Because I am dreaming about Tennessee

Dreaming of Tennessee and all those neon signs,
The sites and big beautiful blue skies,
I’m not looking for fortune and fame,
Just somewhere I can sing.

I’ve got what I can fit in my trunk, guitar, and this last pack of smokes,
I’m tossing my apron out the window,
And throwing caution to the wind,
I’m Southern bound to share my song,

Dreaming of Tennessee and all those neon signs,
The sites and big beautiful blue skies,
I’m not looking for fortune and fame,
Just somewhere I can sing.

I’m ready to take it on
Give me Tennessee and Old Smokey
I wanna bleed Orange,
Bright lights, blue skies, and the sparkle in all the new hopefuls eyes.

Dreaming of Tennessee,
Dreaming of Tennessee,
I’m not looking for fortune and fame, just somewhere I can sing.

Can you love her? Do you dare?

I ask you this question dear sir,
do you know what it means to love her?
Do you know what it takes,
to make a love hold on tight?
Do you know what it is that gets love through the night?
Do you know what you see when you look in her eyes?
Do you see the passion raging inside her?
Do you dare let it go?
Do you know how to love a woman so true?
Do you know how she hungers for you?
How she lingers on every word that you speak.
She stores your I loves you in a far away place,
just in case she made need them one day.
But she has given every drop she has,
and her energy is wearing thin,
but you don't see this, because you think she'll never give in.
You don't see her taking the steps backwards, and pulling away,
because you always thought she would do nothing but stay.
She bore your child, and carried on your legacy,
but you hurt her to many times,
her pain is no longer something she can hide.
She has given you the best years of her life,
she has done everything to make you a good wife,
but you grew cold, and unable to see,
how many times you left her lonely.
She would wait by the door and welcome you in,
but you smelled of another woman.
She wouldn't let you see her cry,
she wouldn't let you know how badly she wanted to die,
all she wanted was for you to see your blushing bride.
Do you know how to love a woman?
When she lays down to love you,
what do you do?
Do you understand the depth or her sexuality,
and what it means when she gives into you?
Do you nuzzle her breast,
and caress her thighs?
Do you take her to that place where she can escape?
Or are you selfish and rude,
do you only care about you?
She gave you the things your heart did desire,
and all she got was burned by the fire.
She sat back and watched as you succeeded in life,
you thanked everyone except your wife.
You want to be happy,
I can see it in your eyes,
but then again your eyes are known to lie.
You can change this all you know,
all you have to do is lay down your pride.
She is a good woman,
she'll stand by your side.
She will clean up your wounds,
and cover your scares,
A real man knows when he is wrong,
and bows down to her feet,
not to worship her,
but to give into his defeat.
To humble himself,
and ask forgiveness of his weaknesses.
He didn't see how he was hurting her so.
He didn't know how to deal with the fame,
or how to say no,
when the girls played their games.
He was weak and he doesn't know why.
He thought he would feel better bedding down all those girls,
but the truth is it cost him his world.
He begged her forgiveness,
and he cried at her feet,
he pleaded that she wouldn't leave.

Do you know how to love a woman?
Amber Rhodes 12/08


I tried so hard to believe that the rumors weren't true,
but what was I to do,
when I found out you weren't the man I thought I knew?
How was I to react?
Maybe it's wishful thinking,
or me being naive.
I use to visit you in my dreams,
you kept the nightmares away.
Chivalry is what I thought you had,
but it turns out your just a simple man.
Nothing really special,
and that breaks my heart,
because I thought you were different right from the start.
I held on to the fact,
not all guys were the same,
because you were a man who didn't play that bullshit game.
But now I know that isn't true,
and now my poor heart is battered and bruised.

I opened myself up and let you in,
but you pushed me aside,
because I wasn't a trophy bride.
But what you don't see is that you will never find another woman like me.
You can walk down the street,
and women will flock to your feet,
but beauty is only skin deep.
The love of a woman who is true to herself,
is far beyond the love of a woman who is full of herself.
She may be fetching to the eye,
and she may be wanted by all the guys,
but she will never be true,
and never love you as I do.
I have tried to be patient,
and wait for you to see that Our love is what will set you free.
Your not worth the salt in my tears,
or the ache of my heart.

Amber Rhodes 12/08