Friday, November 12, 2010


Shh don't say a word, I just want to watch you... Come closer my love, put your hand in mine and let me take you places you've never been. Let me love you like only I can. Run your hand down my body, and feel the curvature of my back. Talk to me without words, but using every fiber of your being. Let your fingertips tell me how badly you long to touch me, and your lips taste me, let your eyes drink me in like dew to the morning. Hold me tight, as if your afraid I might slip away, devour me! Tell me no lies, speak nothing but unbridled passion. Tear down the walls around my heart with your bare hands, make me fall into you. I wanna scream your name without ever opening my mouth. I need for my body to be completely absorbed by yours. Forget the world outside, love me as if this is our last night. Let all your guards fall, and every comfort zone released, put all your trust in me if only for one night, lets set each others souls free.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Carrie Underwood - Undo It

It shouldn't hurt to love you!

It shouldn't hurt to love, I shouldn't be left with brusies on my heart, and scars across my soul, because I love you, tears shouldn't stain my face, and fear encompass my thoughts. I shouldn't have to pray that my ears go deaf because the words you say to me cut to the bone. My skin shouldn't boil when it feels the hatred radiate off you. It shouldn't hurt this bad to love you!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Mused

I was at a loss for words,
but then I gazed upon your face
and the words were freed from my soul.
I've never had the fortune of meeting you,
but yet you consume my life,
like a lover consumes their partners body.
I can't say I know you,
but yet I can't say I don't.
It's a strange twist of lover and loved.
To have adoration for someone so deep you've never met
could be classified as crazy,
but to me it all makes sense,
if only in my own mind.
I seem so amused by the things you say and do,
that it fills my every moment with strange whispers of happiness.
You are my muse,
you are what moves me,
what feels my pen with ink,
and my paper with words.
As I write I hear the whisper of your raspy voice echo in my ear,
The softness of your hand caress my arm,
and the stillness of your thoughts adorn me.
I know your not really there with me,
but for fleeting moments I pretend you are.
What you've given me you may never know,
and even knowing you may never understand.
You may not ever be my lover, my friend,or even an acquaintance
but you will always and forever be my muse.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Meet Me Half Way!
It's cold out here under this bridge I call home,
But I'm faced each day to live this life alone.
I've spent my life living on the move,
Never knowing what it felt like to lay down roots.
You pass me in the streets, and shake your head,
Then gasp as you hear on the news ,
another teenager found dead.
All it would have took,
was a moment of your time.
But you walked right on by.
ignored my cry.
I'm scared and alone,
With no family , no home.
You have no idea the scars I bare,
The excuse you give,
is life's not fair.
How my heart is shred at seventeen,
If you only knew half of what I've seen.
You wouldn't shake your head and walk away,
If nothing more,
You would bend your knees and pray.
Pray for that boy who walks down the street holding a stray dog
Both begging for something to eat,
Pray for the girl with the dolly in her arms
Wishing her momma didn't fall victim to that mans charms.
Pray for the father who beat his wife,
whose kids couldn't take it and ended their life,
Pray for the mother who couldn't get enough,
Who made these poor kid's lives so damn tough.
Pray for the young woman who sells what's she's got,
Just to eat something hot.
Pray for the young man,
Who has a gun and a plan to end his misery.
When you see me standing under that bridge,
Sleeping on the park bench,
Or digging in the trash,
Take time from your busy day
And just ask,
Will you Meet me half Way?

Please follow @JimmyWayne on Twitter and do whatever you can do to help these kids. I lived on the street for a year before someone saved me and today I have my own amazing kids and I am fulfilling my dreams here in Nashville and I might not have if it wasn't for someone meeting me half way. It's only by the grace of God that I am not dead. You can be that someone in a child's life. What do you have to loose. Become a foster parent, sponsor a child, join a Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Donate your time to an organization in your community. Don't watch another news broadcast talk about our homeless and abused kids and do nothing. Everyone can do something. Spread the word, donate your time, donate your money, donate clothes. Take a homeless child a blanket, a pair of shoes, some old clothes. There's no excuse!! You can do something today!
Thanks and May God Bless you and yours

Monday, October 26, 2009


I saw you last night in my dreams,
I reached out to hold you,
But you were just beyond my grasp.
My body ached for you,
My heart beat for you,
And my lips longed to kiss you.
I tried with all my might to pull you near me,
But I just couldn't get close enough.
I was afraid to love you,
But my body wanted to feel you.
I prayed you would turn around and notice me,
You would see the hunger in my eyes,
And come to me.
I waited, and waited, just standing there aching for you.
You turned around,
Suddenly as your eyes met mine,
I felt a burning inside I had never felt before.
It was like you set my soul on fire.
As you stared deep into my eyes,
I felt my breath escape me.
As I struggled to breath,
I saw you start to walk towards me.
My hands shook,
And my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest.
The closer you got to me,
The hotter I felt.
I looked around me,
Surly it was someone else you were coming towards.
But there was no one else there.
This couldn't be happening,
there is no way your coming for me.
The control of your swagger,
The look in your eyes,
I was lost.
You were still across the room,
But it was like you completely devoured me without even touching me.
Slowly you crept up on me,
I could feel the heat of your body radiating off of you and onto me,
As you stood there in front of me not saying a word just staring in my eyes.
I looked down,
You reached your hand up and caresses the side of my face,
As I looked into your eyes my knees got weak.
Everyone else in the room disappeared.
It was just you and me.
You reached your other hand up brushed my hair out of my face,
With both hands on either side of my face you pulled me to you and kissed me.
My feet came off the floor,
I wrapped my arms around your neck and just enjoyed the moment.
You tasted so sweet,
I didn't want the kiss to end.
But as you pulled your lips from mine,
Looked once more in my eyes,
You walked away,
I stood there dazed, Knowing I had never been kissed like that before and never would again.

Hello Lover

Hello lover………..
Tease me with your eyes,
entice me with your words.
Make me want more.
Caress my skin,
Spark a flame deep within
Come close enough to breath me in.
Hello lover….
Don't think of anything but this moment.
Let me calm the winds of your mind,
play in the rain of your body and soul.
I want to feel the twist of your hips,
And the lighting of your fingertips.
Hello lover……….
Hold me in your arms,
Drink my body in,
Feel me,
Move with me.
Hello lover………
Shh… be still,
Be only in this moment of ecstasy,
Let me fulfill your every fantasy.
Enjoy the depth of this lovers kiss.
Feel the arch of my back,
The softness in my skin,
Take all of me in.
Hello lover…..
Feel my heart beat through my succulent breast,
Feed off the salt of my flesh.
Taste the honey dripping from my lips,
And succumb to my sensuality,
Let the woman in me free.
Hello lover…..


Sex it a mind game two people play,
Your mind is what embodies your sexuality and sensuality.
I want to know what makes you tick.
I wanna cry when the love we make touches my soul,
I wanna laugh when we role play,
I want to explore new things.
Teach me all you know.
I want to stand in awe of my man,
I want to learn to do the things you need me to.
I want each day to be an adventure.
I don’t just want to be mother and father,
I want you to be my lover,
my friend,
my teacher,
my student.
Look deep in my eyes when I speak.
Share all your dreams with me.
Play with me.
Be that person I just can't get enough of,
That person I share unconditionally love.
I want to get crazy with you,
Does it bother you I like women too?
I'm a mother,
A lover,
A friend,
But most importantly I'm a woman.
Can you handle it?
Can you tease me and please me?
Can you take me on the ride of my life?
What is it you want?
What is it you do?
Tell me baby,
All about you!



You made love to me last night and didn't even touch my body. Your words are like food for my soul. The sound of your voice captivated me. I was lost in a trance somewhere between reality and fantasy. I hung on every word you said. I watched as your lips moved. The way you licked your lips between sentences made me shiver. The way you spoke with such conviction made me want to hear more. I have studied you, I have watch the way your body moves. I have memorized your motions and replay them in my head over and over again to the point that each time my eyes close all I see is you. I have adored you with such unbridled passion that it scares my senses, but awakens my soul. You move me, you make me want to be a better person inside and out. You bring out all the characters of my being and leave me feeling vulnerable, yet strong. You make every ounce of who I am hunger for you. I want to share all my dreams and desires with you. I want to tour the inner most secrets of your heart and blur the line between reality and imagination. I want to hold your heart in my hand and feel it beating. I want to set my fears aside and just be free with you. Not afraid to laugh or cry, not afraid to scream or whisper. I want to be wrapped up in the safety of your arms. I want to go to battle with you against all that try and bring us down. I want to be able to look in your eyes and know what your saying without having heard a word. When your around air escapes me. I find myself breathless, but full of life. From the top of your head to the end of your toes everything about you intrigues me. I thirst for your knowledge, cry out for your strengths, and am amazed by your weaknesses. Touch me , feel me, breath me, devour every bit of me, as I indulge in you. The heat from the passion that rages inside of me every time I am near you can only be compared to the fire in the pits of hell. How you make me feel like the devil and an angel all at once I can't comprehend. It's a shame that your beyond my reach. You don't even know me. But I am everything you need.
By ACR 7/3/03